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Atlanta GIS creates and maintains many GIS data sets (also known as" layers" because of the way they are layered one on top another to create a map) and collects others from external sources, mostly other government agencies.  Each layer represents some class  of geographic feature.  The features represented can be physical, such as roads, buildings and streams, or they can be conceptual, such as neighbor boundaries, property lines and the locations of crimes.

The GIS Data Catalog is an on-line compilation of information on GIS layers used by the CIty.  The catalog allows you to quickly locate GIS data by searching by keyword.  You can also view  metadata for each data layer in the catalog.  All data in the catalog represent the best and most current GIS data maintained or used by the city.  The city's GIS metadata is maintained in conformance with a standard defined by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) .

 The data layers themselves are not available for download from the catalog.   Data can be requested by contacting the originating  department or agency.  More specific contact information is available within the metadata for many data layers.

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