Planning Viewer

Produce maps and perform analysis Tools: Street View, Print, Draw, Measure, Buffer, Plat Search.

Property Information

Lookup detailed property information including zoning, parcels, and NPU.

Zoning Petitions

Search for a Zoning Petition application and view the status of your application.

Lot Boundary Map Search

Search our original Lot Boundary maps by Landlot and District in the City of Atlanta.

Plat Search Viewer

Search and download historical and current Plats.

Zoning Map Search

Search our Official Zoning maps by Landlot and District quads in the City of Atlanta

MOST Viewer

Address verification for the Municipal Option Sales Tax.

Annexation History Viewer

View a time lapse of current, proposed and historical Annexations for the City of Atlanta.

Vendor Location Status Map

Check the status of Vendor locations in the City of Atlanta.


Search for transit options within a specified distance of your address.

Downtown 3d Scene

Browse and interact with 3d buildings in Downtown Atlanta.