Super Bowl Snow/Ice Analysis

Using 3D buildings and 3D trees, a shadow analysis was conducted on roads within 1 mile of the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Landmark Building Site Tour

A Landmark Building or Site is one of exceptional important to the city, state or nation and whose demolition would represent an irreparable loss to the city.

Modeling Atlanta's Growth

A set of interactive applications allowing for dynamic visualization of population build-out scenarios in a browser-based 3D environment.

Historical Imagery Viewer

Compare 1949 Atlanta Imagery with Current 2017 Imagery.

City of Atlanta Digital Twin

View 3D Buildings and Thematic trees. Created from LIDAR Data.


AgLanta Grows-A-Lot: Urban Gardens

The Lost City of Atlanta

Historic Buildings lost to the wrecking ball in the City of Atlanta, courtesy of Nick Van Mead, The Guardian.